Industrial Robotics
Industrial Robotics
6 axis industrial robots for for various industries

The first universal industrial robot with artificial intelligence and computer vision. The robot will replace people in the routine operations in factories.

It designed specifically for factories. Not inferior to world analogues, while it costs 2–3 times less and pays for itself in 1 year due to technical innovations, machine vision and smart software. It is in demand in a huge number of industries: from food to mechanical engineering and hazardous industries, can be used in warehouses and even when sorting garbage.

Company goal
We solve the problem of increasing labor productivity in factories due to mass automation and robotization of production.

Installing a robot allows companies to:

  • increase the volume of products
  • reduce cost
  • dramatically increase labor productivity
  • reduce the number of human errors
  • increase the number of jobs, including highly qualified
  • reduce costs
  • quickly and adequately adapt to the market, respond to seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • reduce the risks of overstocking warehouses, reduce balances and free working capital

Company goal
our team
Experienced staff who know their business
Co-Founder and CEO

Eminent innovator and engineer of many complex hardware solutions

6 years R&D (hardware) management experience

4 years of project management with a staff of up to 200 people (Nokia Siemens, Huawei)

Founder and ex-CEO in the design office Inventa Labs (R&D and product design on demand for corporations)

Masters in Robotics and Automation from Bauman Technological University (Moscow)

Co-Founder and Chairman

Founder of Genezis Technology Capital, leading VC with a focus on Robotics and AI

Ex-Head and founder of VC in Allianz Russia ($180m)

Best Venture Investor of the market of 2019 & 2017 - VC Award and Finalist of Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur 2017”

Co-founder of several companies in Robotics, AI and Edutech

PhD in Corporate Innovations from Russian Academy of Sciences and Masters in Finance from Financial University

Head of Hardware

10 years of managing technical R & D projects with a staff of up to 30 people.

6 years of work on projects in aircraft manufacturing and robotics (Irkut Corporation, Vostok-Tor, Apis-Cor, etc.).

4 years of work on innovative hardware projects (Apis-Cor, Plasma systems).


8 years CCO & CEO experience in the development of three types of business transportation services, supplies, installation works.   6 years of experience B2B sales, including Enterprise.   Key project management for X5 Retail Group, McDonald's, Gazprombank, Russian Railways.

Industrial AND SERVICE Robotics

Aripix A1
The robot is designed to for “pick and place” operations in factories and plants to replace humans. The most popular is the work with CNC machines, plastic molding machines and on various conveyors. The robot can be equipped with any type of instrument: electromagnets, suckers, mechanical claw. And also painting, laser or welding head is possible.
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6-Axis Aripix Manipulators at our customers' famous factories